Welcome to a world of travel and imagination


The Walking Dead

Don't miss the GBK/Fido talk "Slashing Zombies - an Artform" at FMX Stuttgart May 04, 17:00.


Kung Fury

Award-winning short film and success story.


ATG - Vinnie

Meet Sweden's most popular commercial character: a tiny horse with big dreams.


Fear The Walking Dead

More zombie action to come!


Conquest of the Skies

Fido’s latest collaboration with renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough.



Russian commercial with adventurous lizard.


Natural History Museum Alive

Groundbreaking factual entertainment production made in stereoscopic 4K.


Welcome to our world.

Fido is one of the largest and most renowned animation- and VFX studios in Scandinavia, with studios in Stockholm, London and Hamburg. We are award-winning experts of digital characters and photorealistic animals. We are creators of digital wizardry and a solid companion for CG productions all over the world.

We promise to amaze you. And to always stay curious.

Artistry, craftsmanship, creativity and technical expertise have always been our backbone. Passion and curiosity have always been our drive.

Are you curious?

Fido is part of the Goodbye Kansas Entertainment Group, a dynamic and creative group of studios, gathering top talents of VFX and Motion Capture under one roof.